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Family of George WAKEFIELD and Edith VESSEY

Husband: George WAKEFIELD ( - )
Wife: Edith VESSEY (1889- )
Marriage 3 Aug 1919

Husband: George WAKEFIELD

Name: George WAKEFIELD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth "? ??? ????"

Wife: Edith VESSEY

Name: Edith VESSEY
Sex: Female
Father: William VESSEY (1846-1925)
Mother: Fanny MILLER (1856-1936)
Birth 24 Apr 1889 Barnby in the Willows
Death "? ??? 1919"

Note on Wife: Edith VESSEY (1)

Sent: 18 May 2003 10:17

Note on Wife: Edith VESSEY (2)

Subject: RE: Contact from GenesConnected - (From Michael Vessey concerning

someone in your Tree - Edith Vessey)

Note on Wife: Edith VESSEY (3)

The only info I have about Edith Vessey is that she was born c. 1890 in

Barnby in the Willows, Nottinghamshire. she was my great grand aunt. If you

think she is the same as your Edith, please let me know.