Vessey Family Tree
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Richard VESSEY's parents: Clifford A VESSEY (1917-2008) and Mary HIGGINBOTHAM
Richard VESSEY's siblings: John VESSEY and Jane VESSEY

Family of Richard VESSEY and Maire Teresa CANNON

Husband: Richard VESSEY
Wife: Maire Teresa CANNON
Children: Michael Paul VESSEY
David Stephen VESSEY
Anne-Marie VESSEY

Husband: Richard VESSEY

Name: Richard VESSEY
Sex: Male
Father: Clifford A VESSEY (1917-2008)

Wife: Maire Teresa CANNON

Name: Maire Teresa CANNON
Sex: Female
Father: Hugh CANNON (1908-1996)
Mother: Mary MCGINLEY (1909-1997)

Child 1: Michael Paul VESSEY

Name: Michael Paul VESSEY
Sex: Male

Child 2: David Stephen VESSEY

Name: David Stephen VESSEY
Sex: Male

Child 3: Anne-Marie VESSEY

Name: Anne-Marie VESSEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Christopher LAWRENCE