Vessey Family Tree

Vessey Family Tree


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Barnby Cricket Team 1922


The Vessey family tree, as it stands now. This is all Work in Progress. Please help me to fill in the blanks by sending me dates, notes, occupations etc for anyone.

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NOTE - For living people basic details only are shown (ie no dates, photos etc) as I didnt think you would want it on the web! Email me for the full file if you want to update the details (or just send me an email with dates, notes etc and I will paste it into the master copy of the file).


The Vessey site covers genealogy and history for Vessey family members, and the related families including the Grococks of Barnby. Later it will cover other branches of the Vessey family, including Vestey, Feasey, Feasy, Fessey, Fassey, Fessys, Fressis, Veasey, Vassey, Vassy, Vesci, Vezey, Vezay and Vesey



Table of Contents
Ancestors Outline for Clifford
Ancestors by Generation for Clifford
Family Group Sheet - Clifford
Descendant Outline - Clifford
Barnby in the Willows website
Vessey Photos - Mostly unlabelled at the moment